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Twana Tells Bio

Originally from Detroit Michigan, now residing in Atlanta Georgia, Twana landed her first paid industry job working for Clear Channel Radio Detroit as a full time Sales Assistant and part time Promotions Assistant. During her time working for Clear Channel Twana did everything from Sales, Promotions, to even filling in on air during Channel 955’s afternoon drive show.  She was also often featured on Detroit’s #1 morning show Mojo in the Mornings.  With her hard work, determination to succeed, and positive attitude Twana was promoted to Assistant Promotions Director for MIX 92.3 WMXD. A few months after being promoted to her new position Twana and several others were laid off due to budget cuts.  It was hard to accept in the beginning but due to her faith in GOD, Twana knew that everything happens for a reason. She’s a firm believer that if you put it in GOD’s hands he’ll work it out for you.   And after a lot of praying Twana decided her journey in Detroit was over, so she packed up her bags and moved to Atlanta Georgia in pursuit of finding another job in radio.   After sending out resume after resume and going on interview after interview Twana became frustrated with not being able to find a job in the industry.  That’s when she decided that since an opportunity has yet to present itself, she would create an opportunity for herself and that’s when was born. has been up less than three months and already the site has been linked on radio stations and website throughout the country.  Twana has also been featured in the independent film Clubbin, as well as several stage play’s such as Voices In My Head and Rules To The Game which had shows in Detroit Michigan and Milwaukee Wisconsin. Twana created quite a buzz for herself in Detroit and now it’s time for her to do the same in Atlanta. “The entertainment industry is so crazy one day you can have a job and next day you don’t.  I know what its like to be working in this industry and have something you’ve worked hard for taken away from you just like that. So I wanted to create an opportunity for myself that no one could take away from me. And that’s when Twana Tells was born. -Twana Tells    Welcome to my world  it’s Twana Tells yall ;o)