Halle Berry Wants Her Child Support Payments Reduced


After going through a nasty custody battle with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubury and it was decided that they would share joint custody, a judge ordered actress Halle Berry to pay $16,000 a month in child.

Gabriel Aubry-and-Nahla

According to TMZ, the oscar award winning actress recently went back to court to try and have her child support payments reduced from $16k down to $3k a month. Halle is asking the court to reduce the payments because Gabriel has stopped working and she feels like he’s abusing the system.

Berry filed legal docs asking the judge in their custody case to reduce her monthly child support obligation from $16,000 a month to just over $3,000 a month.

Halle claims in her legal docs … Gabriel has stopped working and is content to live off of the child support, and that’s an abuse of the system. She notes Gabriel is perfectly capable of getting a job … and by reducing the support it will allow 6-year-old Nahla to live a comfortable life … supplemented by his income.

Halle and Gabriel have joint custody … each has the kid around 50% of the time.

Considering the fact that Gabriel is banking almost $200,000 per year to be Halle Berry’s baby daddy, he probably feels like he don’t have to work because he’s living off “The Halle Berry Child Support Gravy Train”……

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