Ciara Gives Future A Pass & Forgives Him For Cheating


Las month R&B singer Ciara decided call off her engagement and end the relationship with her baby daddy, Future after she found out he cheating.


Well it looks like the 28 year old recently had a change of heart because she decided to give the relationship another try for the sake of their four month old son baby Future.

According to TMZ, Ciara and Future is back to shacking up because she feels it would be better for their son if he was raised in a two parent household. Ciara also admitted that Future is a good father and she’s not interested in doing the “shared parenting” thing so she decided to give him a past for cheating.


I hope everything works out for Ciara and she gets her happy home. The fact that she’s baby mama number four makes me question Futures ability to be loyal….

I’m just saying!!!!!

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