Baby Mama Drama: Floyd Mayweather Baby Mama’s Don’t Know How To Act In Public


Over the weekend while most families was firing up the grill for the labor day weekend, Floyd Mayweather was busy playing referee trying to stop his baby mamas from going upside each others head.


Floyd’s baby mama Josie Harris and his other baby mama Melissa Brim twitter beef almost turned physical after at an boxing event in Las Vegas recently. Josie posted a message on Instagram accusing Melissa of wearing Ms Jackson’s “hand me downs” and accused her of sleeping with rapper Nelly who is now dating Ms Jackson.


Of course Melissa had to snap back when she posted a message talking about Josie weight gain:


Both ladies came face to face at the Palms Casino and Hotel during Floyd’s boxing event and tension started boiling high which resulted in Melissa being escorted out the event.

Check out the video below:

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