Love & Hip Hop Reality Star Stevie J Is Drug Free


Back in January reality star Stevie J was arrested for his million dollar child support drama and during that arrest he was ordered to take a drug test and tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. Well Stevie just recently went back to court for a follow up visit and this time he passed his drug test.

Stevie’s facing criminal charges for allegedly owing a baby mama more than a million dollars in child support he’s free on bail, but a judge ordered him to remain drug free — or else. Stevie failed a drug test in June testing positive for coke and weed so the judge ordered random testing and drug counseling.

Stevie’s lawyer tells us the judge has reviewed Stevie’s drug tests over the last 7 weeks and he’s clean as a whistle.

As for the million dollars in unpaid child support … no movement.

Good for Stevie now lets see if he can stay clean and pay down that million dollar child support debt.

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