LeBron James Cuts Carbs From His Diet To Shed A Few Pounds For The Upcoming NBA Season


LeBron James had everybody talking after uploading a photo on Instagram recently showing off his weight loss. Word on the curb is King James decided to go on the low carb diet to help him lose weight in order to play better for the upcoming NBA season.


The 29 year old NBA star will make his return to his old NBA team the Cleveland Cavilers and is currently training to be in top shape to play his best season ever.

It’s a natural sign of aging, but fortunately for Cavs fans, James, who will turn 30 this December, is intelligent and disciplined enough to take the necessary precaution now. He’s going on a “cut” – a bodybuilding term for a diet, basically – to lose weight.

Dropping weight via healthier eating is a move other superstars such as Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, have done and all three have gone on record saying the weight loss has prolonged their careers.
Each athlete had their own method of dropping weight though. Nash cut out sugar completely. Bryant ate mostly veggies. James is forgoing carbs.

For James, whose official NBA weight is 250 but is widely considered to weigh at least 10-15 pounds more than that, the weight loss is likely a preventive measure to save his knees.

This weight loss definitely has Bron Bron looking like a much younger man these days…


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