Remy Ma’s Prison Sentence Delayed Because Of Altercation That Happened Days Before Her Release


After spending the past 6 years behind bars, the former Terror Squad rapper Remy Ma was schedule to be released from prison yesterday, however her freedom was denied due to an altercation that happened days before her release.

According to Miss Info, family and friends was disappointed when they arrived to the Bedford Hills Correctional to pick up the 34 year old rapper.

Her husband Papoose, managers, family members, friends, fans and camera crews stood outside for hours waiting for the 34-year old Reminisce Smith, with an assortment of fancy cars to take her home. But according to sources on the scene, around noon, prison officials came out and spoke to Papoose personally, and soon after, he and his crew left. In a strong show of restraint, Papoose was reportedly calm despite the news.

From what I gathered there are two stories going around as to why Remy ma wasn’t released from prison yesterday.

According to All Hip Hop, she got into a physical altercation with another inmate on July 21st, which resulted in her being placed in solitary confinement.

According to another source Remy’s interview with radio personality Angie Martinez might be the real reason her released was delayed. Remy did a phone interview with Angie a week before she was scheduled to go home which was a violation of the prison system’s third party calling rule.

It sucks that this had to happen days before Remy was scheduled to be set free. However I think she could have waited until she was home to do her first interview. And if it was a physical altercation that took place I think that should have been one fight that Remy walked away from. As of now there is no word on when she will be released from prison. In the meantime for those of you who missed her interview with Angie Martinez you can check it out below:

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