Brandy Apologize To Oprah For Lying About Her Marriage


Back in March of 2002 R&B singer Brandy was 23 years old, 6 months pregnant and a guest on The Oprah Winfrey show.


During the interview Brandy revealed to Oprah that she had secretly married to the father of her child music producer Robert Smith.

WATN, The Lot,

Just recently Brandy sat down with Mama O for a segment on her show titled “Where Are They Now” and she opened up about lying about being married back when she first appeared on the show. During the one on one interview Brandy stated that at the time she had to lie because she was worried that having a baby out of wedlock would damage her good girl reputation and hurt her career.

“At that time being pregnant out of wedlock was not a trend. It’s not something that people praised. It was a sin. I felt like I could not be honest about that. I felt the pressure of having to be perfect. I was scared. I thought that everything that I had worked hard for and everything that I worked to build, the image that I had worked so hard to build, was threatened. I felt like having a child out of wedlock would ruin my career and everything that I built.”

Check out the clip of Brandy on Oprah below:

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