Tameka Tiny Harris Opens Up About Working On Her Marriage & Share Her Thoughts On “Open Relationships”


Singer/Reality Star Tameka Tiny Harris decided to put her singing career on to be a wife to rapper TI and mother to their 6 kids. Well it looks like Mrs. Harris has decided to go back to her singing roots and surprised her fans last week when she dropped a new single titled “What The F*ck You Gone Do”.

In a recent interview with Sandra Rose, she opened up about the drama that’s been going on in her marriage, her new single and if her and TI has an open relationship.


Check out a few highlights from the interview below:

“What You Gon’ Do” is a great single. Is it off of your new album, and what’s the title of your album?

TAMEKA “TINY” HARRIS: I don’t know yet… maybe. I didn’t think it all the way through. I just put a song out. I’ve done like one and a half songs, to be honest with you. I’ll be working on a little bit more material… If I was to do [an album], I know a couple of producers I would love to work with. I like different producers, like Pharrell, Timbaland… I’m thinking about doing more singles.

What do you think about Iggy Azalea?

I like… I love Iggy. [laughing]

Would you do any music with her?

I definitely wouldn’t mind. I don’t know if I’m gonna do it. But I wouldn’t mind… it would be a cute collaboration.

If you ever see [boxer] Floyd Mayweather in the near future will you hug him, shake his hand or even speak to him?

Maaan, I mean, I would just like to stay away just because of the drama that has carried with the two. You know what I’m sayin’? Out of respect for TIP, I will keep my distance.

So you’re not even going to speak to him?

If I see him… I ain’t going to ignore him, you know? I can’t do that. I’m saying just to keep it nice and cordial… to keep everything going on a straight path… and try to not go in that direction.

How do you feel about open relationships?

I mean, to each his own, that’s how I feel about it. Whatever… I mean… I think whatever a person feels like works for them… and whatever they’re comfortable with doing, they should do it.

Are you comfortable with having an open relationship?

Uh… I’m just not going to go into that. What you mean ‘open’ like what?

Like letting TIP run around and

NO! I’m not cool with that.

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