50 Cent Taunts Floyd Mayweather About Nelly Helping His Ex Miss Jackson Celebrate Her Birthday


Over the weekend Nelly and Floyd Mayweather’s ex Shantel Jackson decided to let the world know that their relationship is still going strong. Miss Jackson celebrated her birthday and of course her new boo/homie Nelly was there to help her celebrate. Both Nelly and Shantel shared a few pics on Instagram from her birthday festivities and it wasn’t long before 50 Cent reposted the pics taking a few shots at his ex bff Floyd Mayweather. 50 Cent reposted one of Nelly photos that he put up of him and Miss Jackson with the caption:


“Nelly put this up @floydmayweather DAMN da nigga really took your lady Champ. It’s @missjackson birthday. Smh.”

50 also posted another photo of Miss Jacskon encouraging Floyd to try and get his ex girl back:


“CHAMP I ain’t gonna lie this motherfucker bad. You need to start operation GET THE BITCH BACK. Right now !!!”

It interesting to see Nelly showing so much PDA towards Miss Jackson being that he was so private not to mention secretive when it came to his relationship with Ashanti.

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