Ray J Charged With 10 Crimes Including Resisting Arrest & Sexual Battery

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It looks like the District attorney of Los Angeles decided to throw the book at Brandy’s little brother Ray J, charging him with 10 crimes for his drunken behavior a few months ago.

Back in May Ray J was hanging out at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel when he allegedly brushed up against a woman ass and was ordered to leave the building. The police was called to the location however it was documented and stated that what happened to the woman was not considered to be sexual battery because the contact was not intentional. Ray J was still arrested and taken into custody because he was allegedly intoxicated, spit on one the offers and when he was placed inside the police vehicle he kicked out the window. After Ray J was released he spoke to TMZ and stated that the only reason he kicked out the widow inside the cop car is because he was claustrophobic.

And in addition to charging him with sexual battery (keep in mind the police stated no crime was actually committed) Ray J will also be charged with 4 counts of resisting arrest, 3 counts of assault and battery and 2 counts of vandalism which are all misdemeanors.

Hopefully Ray J has a good lawyer on speed dial that can get him out of this situation…

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