Video: Physical Altercation Between Joseline Hernandez & Everybody At The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show


On the latest installment of ratchet reality show news the crew at Love & Hip Hop Atlanta decided to turn the f*ckery up another notch while filming the reunion show last night in NYC.

According to the information I put together from twitter and a few other sources who was on location Stevie J’s Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez got into 3 physical altercations with her cast mates.

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According to Joseline she was fighting 3 different b*tches at the same dayuuum time however according to my source who was sitting in the audience each fight was one on one starting with Benzino’s fiancee Althea.


I wasn’t surprised when I heard things turned physical between Joseline and Althea because the two have been going back and fourth on twitter for the past couple weeks now. And from what I was told Joseline hopped off the couch and ran up on Althea swinging first and Althea got the best of her during the altercation. Althea also confirmed what happen shortly after taping on twitter.

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Shortly after her fight with Althea I heard Joseline tired to run up on Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy but according to my plug mama Deb and Bambi jumped in and laid hands on Joseline.

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Tammy also confirmed the altercation by announcing that she would not be returning to the show unless producers started drug testing the cast members.

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I heard that things got so crazy they had to stop filming and made all the cast members return to their hotels. There was also reports that Mimi and Joseline got into back stage while taping the show and Benzino confirmed that Stevie J let his wife beat up his mama

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Watch the video below:

Lawwwwd this is too much ratchetness for one episode. I can’t wait to see what Mona Scott and VH1 are going to do about this reunion show being that they didn’t finish taping.

Stay tuned for more drama from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta aka As The Hood Turns…

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