LAHHATL: Stevie J Post Nude Photos Of Benzino’s Fiance Althea


If it ain’t one thing it’s another when it comes to the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. And I guess since the reunion show is right around the corner they decided to turn the f*ckery up one notch.


Last night Stevie J fired off a few tweets stating that he would be releasing some nude photos of Benzino’s fiance Althea aka Thi-Thi.


Word on the curb is Stevie and Benzino fell out again after a video Joseline surfaced on the internet trying to rap while she was high as a kite.

I’m assuming Stevie thinks Benzino is responsible for the video of his Puerto Rican princess leaking and decided to retaliate by posting his fiancee’s nude pictures.

Shortly before the pictures leaked online Benzino was on twitter going in on Stevie talking about their friendship and how many times he has come through for his former friend.

Benzino's tweet

Unfortunately Benzino’s tweets didn’t stop Stevie from making good on his word because photos of his Thi Thi and her ta-ta’s popped up online.

Check out the pics below:



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