Is K Michelle’s New Boyfriend A Deadbeat Dad???


Just a few months ago K Michelle decided to part ways from her “chocolate drop” NBA baller boyfriend Lance Stephenson. The R&B singer/reality star kicked Lance to the curb after she found out that he was still creeping with his baby mama who was also pregnant with his 2nd or 3rd child.


A few days ago K Michelle did a Q&A session with her fans via twitter and confirmed that she has indeed moved on from her Pacer’s boo and is currently dating someone else. She also stated that her “hot pocket” has finally been fixed and is functionally well.

“@STRAIGHT4MINAJ: Would you date a Hispanic man? @kmichelle” > I would but I’m dating someone now bad he’s pretty awesome????

“@TokyoForever: @kmichelle how is your hot pocket? Everything been working well? :)” > Jesus fixed it

Although K Michelle didn’t reveal her mystery man to world according to Baller Alert her new boo who goes by the name of Bobby Maze aka A1 is nothing but a deadbeat dad.


Check out the email submitted to the site below:

“I’m sending this email out of frustration and disgust. K Michelle is flaunting her new mystery love on social media as if he’s the best thing ever, but unfortunately her new boo, code name A1, as she refers to in her post is Bobby Maze (professional basketball player), whose instagram is @no_fabrication (Mr. A1posture). The oxymoron of this all is that he’s the biggest fabrication and the epitome of her song “Can’t Raise A Man”….it’s sad that someone like her who openly acknowledges her lack of better judgement when it comes to men repeats history over and over again.

Anyway…my gripe isn’t with their so call new found love and relationship…It’s more so that he is one of the biggest deadbeat dads out there and his monstrous approach to being a father (or should I say lack of), and his constant complaints about paying child support, despite being inconsistent with that. Let me explain, I’m assuming with his new girlfriend K Michelle celebrity status he feels the need to be on his best behavior, but yet fails to be that way with his children. Yes, I said children, though he and his family only claim one publicly (his oldest daughter which lives with his mom in Maryland). So to the world he comes across as this doting dad and talented basketball player that came from University of Tennesse Men’s basketball, but never made it to the NBA (karma), to really know that you’re beloved Bobby Maze doesn’t do right by his own kids.

Bobby Maze is so busy living with his best friend Michael Beasley (Miami Heat Player) and hanging with all his other NFL, NBA, and Celebrity friends portraying the life of a man who has it all and does it all for everybody, but yet, doesn’t do s*** with or for his children, with the exception of the one in Maryland is the biggest fabricator and his posture is F***** up.

His deadbeat daddy ways and the fact that he can send flowers, jewels and make time for K Michelle, but can’t even call or see our soon to be 4yr old daughter and never be with her for any extended time or special occasions, (like her birthday) but yet be in Knoxville, Tennessee for BMaze Celebrity Basketball Game with K Michelle right their entertaining his two IG celebrity guest @icejjfish and his own aunt @_auntcc is pathetic. You see, he’s so busy, sending her his jeweler, flowers, text messages, and keeping up with the Jones or should I say K Michelle, he continuously neglects his responsibility, makes broken promises, never follows thru, and has all the excuses in the world for not being their for his children. Yet alone, our daughter who is right here in Atlanta. It’s about balance and a genuine effort to be a better person and dad, but again he has chosen not to. Yes, it’s a choice. But here’s the other dynamic or question – is K Michelle even the type of woman to encourage her new boo to do the right thing, since she clearly lacks the motherly, nurturer type of characteristic herself with her own son (no shade). I’m just saying, it’s one thing to not want your child to be apart of reality TV ratchetness, but instead she portrayed to most of the world and fans probably otherwise. You didn’t even know until recently that she had a child. And that speaks volumes to her character. To have this positive campaign and movement, she needs to put it into practice. What do I rebel against – I rebel against deadbeat dads and moms that abandon their children.
What’s even more frustrating is that his own family has pacified his horrible character and bad judgement….No one seems to really be encouraging him to be a better person and dad, or maybe they just believe all the lies he tells about all his situations. It’s never his fault, but everybody elses….

So let me give you the background on our dynamic. You see we met back in 2009 at Hot 107.9 Anniversary Concert at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. Granted we truly were strangers in passing and I never thought anything would come of it when I gave him my number. As I’m sure he thought the same. It resulted in us having our daughter. The love of my life, but I asked God all the time, why do I have a child with such a monster. I pray over my daughter that she never knows or feels the pain her dad is trying to conflict on her because of his resentment towards me. You see, he abandon the situation while I was pregnant, despite knowing since day one and in which he never communicated any doubt she was his, but later to find out he played it totally differently to his family and friends. But I shot that down with paternity. You see he hasn’t been here form anything, but makes broken promises. I had only hoped as time went by and as I he hopefully matured, I thought he would figure it out, so the thought of him pretending to be this standout guy with K Michelle and the public, sickens me. I’m actually being nice right now, by not disclosing more. At the end of the day, this all could have been avoided if he had just did right by our daughter. But now, I wouldn’t leave our daughter with him alone, because he so desperately wants out of being a dad, he may put her in harms way.

The Memo is K Michelle your man is a fraud, a monster and a deadbeat….and if you knowingly support and love this type of person, then it let’s me and the world know she is the same.”

Clearly K Michelle didn’t take the advise of that 6 year old preacher who told her to stay away from basketball players smh..

Check out the video below:

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