Keyshia Cole Snaps Back At Haters Regarding Her Eiffel Tower Comment On Instagram


Social media can be cruel especially when it comes to celebrities.

Over the weekend R&B singer Keyshia Cole posted a photo on Instagram with the caption:

On my way to London!! This should be exciting!!! I won’t miss the lights on the Eiffel Tower this time! Mad moms couldn’t find DJs passport. And so was he.

Being that the Eiffel Tower is located in Paris not London, Keyshia’s followers started dragging her through the mud by calling her everything but a child of GOD.

Check out some of the comments below:

I mean come the f*ck on @keyshiacole I know Frankie was doing lines on an atlas or a geography book back in her Pookie days. You looking real crazy out here. Instead of throwing shade at @beyonce and Michelle you should have been studying????????????????????

dildosandcupcakes Then yo dumbass don’t even delete the comment or the post, see this is why you’ll never prosper in life lmao, 1st you come for Bey now you show your 4th grade education. Lmaooooo

kharismatic You dumb f*cking idiotic flop b*tch. Since when is the Eiffel tower in f*cking LONDON? Ugh, before you ever travel somewhere please do research on wherever the f*ck you’re going before saying stupid sh*t. I swear to God you are as retarded as your current album sales. This is just embarrassing. I bet even your crackhead mom knew where the Eiffel tower was, I….. UGH.

trvpgawd_ She’s going to be real disappointed when she gets to London you might wanna go to Paris

B*tch this why u sellin FISH PLATES outside award shows instead of albums….SMDH!!!!!

Of course Keyshia snapped back and let those Keyboard killers aka internet gangsters know that she knows the difference between Paris and London. She also stated that she didn’t have time go to Paris and see the bright lights.

Just landed back in LA!!! Didn’t get to see the Eiffel Tower! But hey maybe next time! So close but so far. I love Lindon but, I also love the shopping in Paris so trust me I kno the difference. But thank you to those who wanted to let me kno the difference between Paris and London. If u were to come to the states and say u wanted to see the bay bridge when u traveled to my city Oakland. I would have let u kno the difference as well. But considering you’re so close I would assume u would kno there would be a lil travel distance. Thank u guys. And I love the UK! I had so much fun!!!!!!

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