Did The Game Make His Assistant Lolo His WCW?


Rapper the Game (real name) Jayceon Taylor, has repeatedly shut down rumors stating that his relationship with his beautiful assistant Lolo also known as Leauxsteez on Instagram is strictly platonic.


However the way he talks about her on Instagram you can’t help but wonder if they are more than just friends.

Last week the Game posted a photo of a few “just because” gifts that he purchased from Chanel on Instagram stating that they were for his WCW.

Woke up on a mission this morning……. She says she likes “Just Because” gifts… Well lucky for her, I’m a “Just Because” gift buying type of nigga…… What’s #WCW to a nigga that had a crush on her everyday since he met her !!!

Fast forward to a week later his assistant Lol posted a photo of a new Chanel bag and chain…

|Bet Awards Weekend……Stay CCcertified|

I’m not saying those were the same gifts however it is a possibility…

Things that make you go hummmmm!!!

Game also purchased a pair of Chanel earrings for his daughter Cali and his adoptive daughter Madison.

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