Reality Star Stevie J Test Positive For Cocaine & Marijuana


Earlier this month after Love & Hip Hop reality star Stevie J was arrested for owing over a million dollars in child support, he was tested for drugs and cocaine and marijuana was found in his system.

Stevie J was back in court in Manhattan, New York recently to surrender on charges that he owes one of his baby mamas over a million dollars in back child support.


The child support hearing should have been as simple as Stevie posting a $25,000 bail and walking out the court room. However the hearing became more complicated after the judge realized Stevie J failed a drug test after he was arrested at his home in Atlanta. Stevie was still allowed to post bail but the judge added a condition to his bond that he has to submit to random drug testing.


If you recall a few months ago Stebbie’s Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez posted a photo on Instagram of her and Stebbie without realizing he had a white substance around his nose. Of course after fans started asking questions she quickly deleted the picture.

I’m not surprised that Stevie tested positive for cocaine because word on Atlanta streets is both him and Joseline stay high as a kite off that white powder…..

At least we found out where the child support money is going……

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