T.I. Talks Azelia Banks & Floyd Mayweather Beefs Plus Family Hustle Spinoff Shows


T.I. has been making the blog headlines a lot lately. From swinging on Floyd Mayweather last month in Las Vegas to threatening to rapper Azelia Banks.

Earlier today the Kang of the south stopped by the Breakfast Club morning show to promote his new single “No Mediocre” featuring Iggy Azalea. During the interview T.I. was asked about the altercation that went down last month with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas, as well as his beef with Harlem rapper Azelia Banks who threw shade at Tiny yesterday on twitter. One thing for sure is regardless of what’s going on between him and Tiny he refuse to let anyone disrespect her.

Check out a few highlights and the full interview below:

Charlamagne: What the hell was you doing swinging on Floyd Mayweather? Tip? Did you land a blow on the champ?

Listen man we aint finna talk about anything, that sounds like a confession to me. I aint finna do none of that.

Angela Yee: You know he said he doesn’t talk after his fights.

I don’t do none of that, ain’t no commentary what’s done is done, I speak with action and then after that I move on.

DJ Envy: They did say T.I was fast.

I’m goin’ on with that one man, just no disrespect will be tolerated, no time, by nobody, no exceptions.

Charlamagne: Now there’s a young lady who keeps throwing shots at you for whatever reason.

A young lady? She, forreal? Who is that?

Charlamagne: This morning or yesterday she said you don’t want no mediocre but have you seen your wife? Why does she continue to come at you?

I mean, now listen man, I think one thing that I have always maintained is a no tolerance policy when it comes to me and my family. So I mean I’m not finna tongue wrestle with nobody I already told you, me and whoever if we got an issue I’m gonna address that issue, you know what I’m saying. It ain’t gonna go the way they want it to go so I believe she better back down off of that plane cause it’s sharks out there.

Charlamagne: Will there ever be a time T.I. where you’re like you know what I don’t wanna be about that life anymore?

About what life? I feel like if a man hasn’t found something to die for he aint fit to live and I think that my family, my integrity, my respect as a man those are things I’ll bleed in the street for so aye man, I ain’t speaking on you, don’t speak on me. Take your broke ass comments somewhere else go put that shit with about $5K on a Prius or something you know what I mean, get out my way.

DJ Envy: Now question, you mentioned family… Family Hustle, are we getting that back?

Man you know we got to see where the bankroll goes. I mean I think it’s a possibility.

Charlamagne: I heard they signed y’all up for a couple more seasons though and gave Tiny and Shakana their own show.

What happened was they got us for this season and then for next season we’re gonna figure it out. But the spin off is real, we both got our own spin offs.

Charlamagne: People say it’s a curse and most relationships don’t last after you jump on reality TV.

I think for both of us we both have a strong sense of self, we both know who we are. See I think for most people they’re looking to find themselves as celebrities I think we both knew who we were from the get go and also it’s more so about the kids than it is about just our relationship it’s not just focused on the ins and outs of our relationship, although that’s what most people would love to sensationalize because that’s what puts them in the conversations and on the minds of people that they would not normally be on the minds of. I know its a lot of people that make comments and say things that I would never notice and never say anything. But because their speaking on things like this—that probably puts them in a position of consideration for a milli second until I say, ‘F—k you’. Just for that small glimpse of time that’s what they do it for, they want to be noticed. They are nobodies living a nobodies life. So anything a nobody can say to put themselves on the mind and mouths of somebody they going to do it.

Check out the full interview below:

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