Rapper Eve Opens Up About Her Upcoming Wedding To Maximillion Cooper


The former Pitbull in a skirt rapper Eve has been living it up in London for years now with her fiancee British Designer Maximillion Cooper. The soon-to-be- Mrs. Cooper will be tying the knot at the end of this month and she recently shared a few wedding details with the Kardashian’s network E News.

When asked about her upcoming wedding she stated:

“I feel like it’s right now,” Eve told me this morning while promoting her upcoming Drew Barrymore-produced horror movie, Animal (out in theaters and available on VOD on June 17). “I feel like I’m walking down the aisle right now.

The ceremony and reception won’t be small, “but it’s not huge,” she said. Her grandmother, who has never flown before, will take her first flight to be there!”

She also talked about her custom made wedding gown designed by designer Alice Temperly:

“I did the final fitting already,” she said, adding with a laugh, “I was scared. But it’s so beautiful. It’s so different than anything I thought I would have ever wanted, but it’s perfect.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 6.35.59 PM

Eve and Max got engaged in Scotland during the Christmas holiday and she confirmed the news on Instagram by showing off her huge engagement ring.


Max is the father of 4 which will make Eve their step mother after they marry. And according to Eve she is more than happy about becoming a mom of 4.

“I have four kids now—that’s nuts!” Eve said. “But I have to say they are the coolest, sweetest kids. I got really lucky. They’re really independent and just very cool. It’s really fun hanging with them.”

Congrats to Eve and Max I think they make a cute blended family…

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