Is T.I. & Tiny Still Throwing Subliminal Shade At Each Other

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I guess Tiny didn’t take her mother-in-laws advice to give her husband a call because it looks like her and T.I. is still beefing and throwing shade at each other via social media.


A few days ago Tiny posted a photo hanging out with her girls on Instagram. Shortly after she posted the picture T.I.’s mother commented and told Tiny to call her husband so that they can have a serious talk.


Well I’m assuming that talk didn’t happen because T.I. took another shot at Tiny earlier this week when DJ Whoo Kid interviewed him and Trey Songz.

During the interview Trey quipped, ‘These hoes ain’t loyal,’ in reference to Chris Brown’s hit single, and T.I. stated:

“Ain’t that the gadamn truth! When they doing the remix? I’ll record that muthafucca right now!”

Tiny must have heard about the interview because last night she went on Instagram and posted a clip from Nicki Minaj’s new single “Pills N Potion” with the caption “Yas!!! For this real sssh @nickiminaj on!!!! Pill&Potion my new ssshh!!” singling out the lyrics:

“Ay yo they could never make me hate you/even though what you was doing wasn’t tasteful /even though you out here looking so ungrateful/I’mma keep it moving be classy and graceful…”

She also posted:

Whatever is going on between Mr. & Mrs Harris I pray that they work it out because I really like them together as a couple.

Tiny definitely needs to lay off of social media however something tells me that T.I. needs to get his sh*t together and start being faithful to his wife. You know what they say when a woman’s fed up it’s nothing that you can do…

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