RHOA Kenya Moore Opens Up About Why She Still Hasn’t Cut A Check To Detroit Public School Systems


A few days ago reality star/former beauty queen Kenya Moore finally had the opportunity to share her thoughts about The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 reunion show.

Miss Ratchet USA Kenya got a chance sit down one on one with Bravo’s Andy Cohen and addressed several issues including why she never cut a check to the Detroit Public School system.


During the interview, Kenya stated that she wasn’t aware of Nene’s charity ‘challenge’ but now that she knows about the challenge she will be cutting a check shortly. ( Insert blankstare and side-eye)

Did you donate the $20 grand to the Detroit charity?:

No not yet, I didn’t even recall Nene making that challenge but I will match whatever Nene is saying that she will to my charity. I am a girl from Detroit, I know that I am tough girl, I know that I am everything I am because I was afforded a really great education. I went to schools for the gifted and for me to be able to have Nene put money behind something that means so much to me I think that’s the only good that would have come from the reunion show for me.

Check out the video of Kenya and her lies below:

As of today Kenya or Nene still hasn’t cut a check to the Detroit Public School systems, and local radio station Radio One Detroit is stepping up to try and fix the problem.

Check out the press release below:

Radio One Detroit is out in the community again fixing problems and supporting the kids and we hope you are as upset as we are with Atlanta Housewives Nene Leakes and Detroit native Kenya Moore. They made a promise and they haven’t kept it. Now your stations in the community are stepping up to raise donations for the Detroit Public School Foundation. Join KISS Mason in the Morning Crew, HOT 107.5 Bijou Star and Big Greg from HOT 107.5. The stations are trying to raise the money for DPS Foundation and are putting the housewives on notice to kick in that $40,000.

DPS Foundation Mission: To raise, manage and steward funds and other resources to support value-added programs and activities for the benefit of the Detroit Public Schools, DPS-authorized charter schools, DPS schools placed in the Education Achievement Authority and their respective students.

If you would like to donate to the Detroit Public Schools online donations can be made by clicking here

Video spotted @ STFA

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