Rihanna Ex Bodyguard Filed A Lawsuit Against Her For Defamation


Rihanna is known for speaking her mind and talking that talk however her bodyguard stated that she went too far when talking to him. Former bodyguard Geoffrey Keating filed a lawsuit earlier today in Ireland against Roc Nations pop princess for defamation.

Geoffrey Keating filed a lawsuit today in Ireland, where his attorney was also granted a motion to serve Rihanna with the suit in the U.S.

Keating claims Rihanna made “nauseatingly offensive” and false statements about him in an email to him and his partner last July. He also claims the offensive statements were made in a phone call to his sister. Keating’s attorney, Gerald Kean, tells TMZ, “We’re taking this battle very seriously. We are satisfied that the Irish Courts will see justice at the end of the day.”

Sounds like somebody want a check from Rih Rih.

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