Extended Audio: Donald Sterling Compares Black People To Dogs & Says He Support The LA Clippers By Giving Them Food, Cars & Clothes


Things are not looking good for racist LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.


Yesterday another website leaked an extended version of another phone call between him and his girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano. During the call you can hear Sterling making more racist comments and telling his girlfriend to remove any photos of black people off her Instagram page.

Check out highlights from their conversation below:

V: I don’t understand, I don’t see your views. I wasn’t raised the way you were raised.

Donald Sterling: Well then, if you don’t feel—don’t come to my games. Don’t bring black people, and don’t come.

V: Do you know that you have a whole team that’s black, that plays for you?

Donald Sterling: Do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?

Donald Sterling: It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.

V: So do you have to treat them like that too?

Donald Sterling: The white Jews, there’s white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?

V: And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?

Donald Sterling: A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.

V: And is that right?

Donald Sterling: It isn’t a question—we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.

V: But shouldn’t we take a stand for what’s wrong? And be the change and the difference?

Donald Sterling: I don’t want to change the culture, because I can’t. It’s too big and too [unknown].

V: But you can change yourself.

Donald Sterling: I don’t want to change. If my girl can’t do what I want, I don’t want the girl. I’ll find a girl that will do what I want! Believe me. I thought you were that girl—because I tried to do what you want. But you’re not that girl.


It looks like baseball player Matt Kemp was dragged into the drama. During another part of the conversation you can hear Sterling telling his girlfriend that it OK for her to keep Kemp’s picture on her page because he is lighter than her even though he’s also bi-racial.

V: Honey, if it makes you happy, I will remove all of the black people from my Instagram.

Donald Sterling: You said that before, you said, “I understand.”

V: I DID remove the people that were independently on my Instagram that are black.

Donald Sterling: Then why did you start saying that you didn’t? You just said that you didn’t remove them. You didn’t remove every—

V: I didn’t remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson, but I thought—

Donald Sterling: Why?

V: I thought Matt Kemp is mixed, and he was OK, just like me.

Donald Sterling: OK.

V: He’s lighter and whiter than me.

Donald Sterling: OK.

V: I met his mother.

Donald Sterling: You think I’m a racist, and wouldn’t—

V: I don’t think you’re a racist.

Donald Sterling: Yes you do. Yes you do.

Meanwhile according to TMZ after the second audio leaked Donald Sterling allegedly contacted his ex girlfriend to see how can he make this audio go away.

Sterling is keenly aware V. Stiviano is in possession of more than 100 hours of recordings … some of which are extremely damaging to Sterling’s reputation. Stiviano told Sterling to call her lawyer … and thereby opened the door to settlement discussions. It’s obvious the incentive for Sterling is to make sure the rest of the tapes never see the light of day.

We know Stiviano is extremely upset that the Clippers and Donald Sterling publicly embraced a lawsuit filed by Sterling’s wife Shelly against Stivianio, claiming she stole $1.8 million from Donald.

As for why Stiviano taped so many conversations, she told friends the Clippers owner WANTED her to record him and he knew he was being recorded … partly because he frequently forgot what he said and the tapes refreshed his memory … at least that’s her story.

Check out the full audio below:

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