Did Nene Leaks Have Marlo Hampton Banned From The RHOA Reunion Show?


It looks like RHOA reality star Nene Leaks decided to flex her muscles and let everybody know who really runs the show.


Word on the curb is Nene told Bravo not to invite her EX bff Marlo Hampton to the reunion show… Nene stated that if Marlo was invited she refuse to show up.

“NeNe wants nothing to do with her, so she made a few phone calls and demanded that Marlo not be there. “It’s a shame, but she always gets her way… By cutting off Marlo, she’s able to keep telling her side of story [about their feud] and doesn’t have to confront any of Marlo’s questions or allegations.”

Welp it looks like Nene proved that she’s the HBIC when it comes to RHOA. Maybe next time Marlo will learn not to bite the hand that feeds her….

I’m just saying it was Nene who originally got her on the show…

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