Kenya Moore Wants You To Believe That She Is Thinking About Quitting RHOA


In Real Housewives of Atlanta news reality star Kenya Moore wants everyone to believe that she’s thinking about quitting the show.

Kenya recently spoke out to the Associate Press about Porsha mopping the floor with her body during part one of season 6 reunion show.

“We all agree that we don’t condone violence. We’ve become angry with each other, we’ve threatened each other and gone to the edge. But at the end of the day, we know there’s a line. If there are no consequences, then where does it end?”


Miss Ratchet USA also stated that she believes it was Porsha who provoked her during the show:

“I think Porsha was in a position to provoke me. If anyone is capable of blacking out and not taking responsibility for their actions, they should not be in this type of environment. They do not need a stage such as this.”

And she went on to say:

“She {Porsha} is a granddaughter of a civil rights leader, whose grandfather was the late Hosea Williams. “She does not have the tools to navigate this process. It’s just very unfortunate and sad. If I was in her position, the first thing I would do is apologize.”

At the end of the day Kenya is right about not condoning violence however Porsha did not provoke her to bring that magic wand and bull horn that she was pointing in her face.

In my opinion Kenya should accept the fact that Porsha mopped the floor with her body and keep it moving. At the end of the day you win some and you loose some and unfortunately Kenya lost that battle…

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