Chris Brown Mugshot Pops Up Online


Chris Brown has a dark cloud over his head that wont seem to go away.

The R&B singer has been arrested several times in the past however his mugshot never surfaced online until now.

Yesterday Chris Brown’s mugshot leaked online and from looking at the picture he is stressed the hell out.


Rihanna’s ex boo-thang is currently in Washington D.C., awaiting his court date for allegedly attacking a male fan who tried to photobomb him. The male fan told police that Chris punched him in the face and fractured his nose however Chris bodyguard told the police that he was the one who punched the guy in the face.

Chris bodyguard is also on trial which is scheduled to start within the next couple days….

If Chris Brown is found guilty he’s looking at 4 years in prison for violating his probation in the Rihanna case…

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