Rick Ross Calls 50 Cent A Donkey & Opens Up About Not Being Ready For Marriage


A few days ago rapper 50 Cent posted a picture on Instagram insinuating that Rick Ross, Diddy and music executive Steve Stoute might be lovers…


Well Rick Ross is finally speaking out regarding 50’s comments and according to Rozay he is too busy getting money to worry about 50’s donkey behavoir.

Check out the interview below:

On 50 Cent posting the picture of him and Diddy allegedly kissing

Was he in his pimp and curly mode? We don’t have time for that. We winning. Other than that, put the wigs on. Other than that, we gon’ keep getting this money

On if him and 50 Cent will ever be friends:

I don’t believe so. We just different people. All my people’s eating. We open the door to everybody that wanna win. I wanna see my homies selling more records than me….Y’all wanna crack jokes like donkeys. When I shine, my homie shine….Y’all betta check my IG. I’m passionate about this. I put in almost 15 years. When donkeys do little things…

On if he’ll ever get married:

That ain’t on my mind. My heart is on what I’m doing. What I’m building. It wouldn’t even be fair. But we can be cool.

On purchasing Evander Holyfield’s mansion in Atlanta

When I first came to Atlanta, the first place I went to was Evander Holyfield’s crib. Maybe 04. I just wanted to go there…That’s inspiration. Create some little things where we bring kids from different places…have some my homies from the Heat, give ‘em some encouragement.

Check out the video below:

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