RHOA Marlo Hampton Talks Nene Leaks Joining Dancing With The Stars & More


It’s no secret that Nene Leaks is the HBIC on Real Housewives of Atlanta and being that she brought Marlo on the show I can understand why she feels like her former friend bit the hand that fed her.


In a recent interview with Radar Online Marlo opened up about her friendship with Nene and revealed that the two of them have communicated via text after their altercation however the friendship is over.

Check out a few highlights from the interview below:

On if she’s talk to Nene since their altercation:

“We exchanged text messages a few days ago. It ended up with her saying, ‘Don’t call me back.’ It wasn’t good at all. I was surprised by her reaction to me becoming friends with Kenya. It’s like, ‘Are we in high school right now?

On what the other Housewives said about her friendship with Nene:

“When I met NeNe, everyone was against her. Everyone told me, ‘Beware! Beware!’ But guess what, I didn’t listen and got to know NeNe on my own. Kandi told me, ‘NeNe is going to play you like chess.’ She said, ‘Marlo, when she knew you were coming onto the show, she went crazy on set. She screamed and cursed and yelled and then she befriended you.’”

On Nene calling her an opportunist:

“It’s hilarious that she’s calling me an opportunist. That’s bullsh-t. I met NeNe and styled her at my boutique before she couldn’t even afford to shop there. She needs to look in the mirror,”

On if her and Nene will ever be friends again:

“It’s definitely possible, but where I’m sitting right now in this chair, that’s the last person on my mind,” Hampton said.

“NeNe does better with mimes as friends. It’s ok as long as you’re praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it’s a problem. I’m real and not going to sugarcoat something just so she can feel happy.”

On Nene joining Dancing With The Stars:

“I hope she does good. I’m proud of her. She loves being the center of attention, so she should do great. As long as she has cheerleaders on the side, she will shine,”

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