Sports-Tells: Lamar Odom Headed Overseas To Continue His Basketball Career

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It looks like free agent Lamar Odom has decided to pack his bags and head oversees to continue his basketball career. The 34 year old former NBA player has been searching for a basketball team ever since his drug scandal hit the fan last summer and following his divorce from reality star Khloe Kardashian.


According to online reports Khloe’s soon to be ex husband , is currently in contract talks with Spanish club Laboral Vitoria. And the deal that is currently on the table will allow him to play the rest of the season with his new team.

Odom has decided to make his career comeback far from the NBA. He reportedly will play in the city of Victoria Gasteiz. The deal will likely allow Odom to be able to come back to the NBA if there is interest shown, however sources report that he plans to play out the remainder of the season overseas. Odom has been a free agent since completing the 2012-2013 season with the Los Angeles Clippers. He had a tumultuous off-season to say the least, and his private life was in the headlines more than a few times with rumors of drug use, his failing marriage, and a DUI charge in August. The Los Angeles Clippers did reach out to Odom this past November, inviting him to training camp. It seemed as though coach Doc Rivers genuinely hoped Odom would work out for the team. Ultimately, the organization did not decide to re-sign him. Odom has been in the NBA for 14 years and is a two-time champion. With his decision to continue his career overseas, it seems he is not ready to call it quits just yet.

Good luck to Lamar hopefully everything will work out for him and he can get his life back on track……


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