Rick Ross Purchase Evander Holyfield Former 45,000-Square-Foot Mansion In Atlanta


According to Complex Magazine Rick Ross aka the biggest Boss aka Rozay, purchased the biggest single-family home in Georgia.

The Maybach music CEO, purchased the mansion a year after former boxer Evander Holyfield lost it to foreclosure. Holyfield owed the bank $14 million and unfortunately couldn’t come up with the money.


The home is located in Fayetteville County, GA was on the market for 8.2 million dollars however it hasn’t been revealed how much Rick Ross actually paid for the property. He recently moved into his new home which includes a 109-room mansion with a dining room that sits 100 guests, and a pool that holds 350,000 gallons of water.

Check out a few more pics of Rick Ross new home below:




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