NFL Star Richard Sherman Apologize For His Ghetto Outburst After The Game

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks

Last night the Seattle Seahawks defeated my boo Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49’ers earning them a spot in the 2014 Super Bowl game against the Denver Broncos.


After the game Fox news reporter Erin Andrews interviewed Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman and instead of talking about the highlights of the game he went bat sh*t crazy on 49’ers star Michael Crabtree.

If you missed the video check it out below:

After Sherman’s ghetto rant some football fans said that he was passionate about the game while others said he showed lack of sportsmanship. Earlier today during an interview with ESPN Radio on the “SVP and Russillo” show Richard Sherman spoke out apologizing for his behavior after yesterdays game.

“Obviously I could have worded things better and could obviously have had a better reaction and done things differently. I apologize for attacking an individual and taking the attention away from the fantastic game by my teammates … That was not my intent,”

Click here to listen to the full interview….

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