Justin Biebers Homie Lil Za Arrested Twice In One Day


Yesterday the Calabasas, CA, police department raided Justin Bieber’s home following an altercation that took place a few days before with his neighbor.


The Bieb’s is under investigation and could be charged with a felony for allegedly throwing raw eggs at his next door neighbors home causing over 20 thousand dollars in damages.

The police entered the home looking for any kind evidence that linked Bieber to the egg assault.. Word on the curb is they didn’t find any eggs however they did find Justin’s homie Lil Za in possession of illegal drugs. Lil Za was arrested for a FELONY drug possession and taken into custody.


According to TMZ, Lil Za was minuets from posting bail and getting released however he decided to flip out and throw a tantrum by smashing a phone inside the jailhouse. The police arrested the lil dummy him again inside the jailhouse and charged him with vandalism.

Lil Dummy Za was re-booked and depending on the value of the phone they could charge him with another felony….

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