When Instagram “DM” Goes Wrong For Rapper Drake


At this point I’ve come to the conclusion that Instagram and Twitter is the new match.com. If you’re single and you’re trying to meet somebody all you have to do is post some cute pictures on Instagram and participate in the popular MCM (Man Crush Mondays) or WCW (Women Crush Wednesdays) lol.

The other day rapper Drake who is suppose to be in a relationship with Zoe Kravitz accidentally sent a public message to Instagram model Cocaine Lorraine.


According to the message Drake wants to use “her and only her” for a “secret project” he has coming up.

Drake was trying to send a direct message however he ended up sending it out to his 4.5 million followers.

Is Drake cheating on Zoe already?

Things that make you go hummmmmmmmmmm……

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