Did Keyshia Cole Put Her Husband On Blast For Cheating???


It looks like R&B singer Keyshia Cole is trying to make her way back to the music scene and she might be addressing the rumors regarding her cheating husband Daniel Gibson in her new single “Loyal Freestyle’ featuring Sean Kingston and Lil Wayne.

Keyshia released the new track earlier today singing over Chris Brown’s single “Loyal” and her lyrics pretty much confirms it might be trouble in her marriage.

Just got rich/being broke was a b*tch/these n*ggas ain’t loyal
Look at all the sh*t that he did/these h*es ain’t got what I got
These girls can’t do what I do/these girls are all fake and I know it
And you know you had a real in me/but sh*t okay take your money, I’ma go my way.
These n*ggas ain’t loyal and that’s why it’s the song I sing


She also sings about having a her mans back when he was down and out. And if you recall Daniel was cut from the Cleveland Cavaliers and has yet to find a new NBA team to call home.

I had your back when you were down and out./I was there and you know it’s true One time for my real n*ggas, two time for them fake h*es/ What we had was so real, you let it all go
Go down the drain/ Stuntin in my brand new thang/
Hit the club with me my girls/You wasn’t loyal, you f-cked up

Check out the track below:

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