Rapper Soulja Boy Wants To Be Just Like Lil Wayne


Somebody from Soulja Boy’s camp might wanna place a call to Cedar Sinai Hospital and reserve a room for him because he’s definitely on his way…

You would have thought that Lil Wayne’s recent health scare would be a wake up call for the rapper, but instead he thought it would be cute to show off his addiction to codiene on instagram.

After posting several pictures his dumb azz received over a thousand comments from his followers letting him know how stupid he was to be flaunting a drug that has killed so many people and almost took the life of Lil Wayne.

Check out a few pics of the foolishness below:




I normally don’t call people out their name but Soulja Boy is flat out ignorant for posting these pictures….

At the end of the day nobody can stop him from drinking cough syrup however, with all the controversy surrounding the drug you would think he would have sense not to post pictures like this on social media smh…..

I’m just saying if he wants to drink cough syrup why not keep it to himself????????

Props to Yazmar for the pics

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