Keyshia Cole And Her Hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Wants You To Know


A few days ago I posted a blog about Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel might be having a little trouble in paradise after I notice the couple posting subliminal messages on their twitter pages. (Click here to catch up on that drama)

Well Keyshia or Daniel must have read that post because yesterday they both went on twitter to let the fans know “everything is good in the hood” when it comes to their relationship.


Instead of posting more subliminal tweets Boobie decided to post a few cute pics of him and his wife in honor of Valentines Day.

He also tweeted the following statement clearing up any rumors about his marriage:


Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 9.58.22 AM

Ok here’s my thoughts on this situation STOP tweeting your business if you don’t want the so called “haters” to think your having marriage problems… It kills me when celebrities put their business out in the streets and get mad when people start talking about it….

Plain and simple don’t put it out there and people won’t talk about it……

Props to Cotten Kandi

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