Video: Rapper Lil Wayne Does Not Like To Be Touched


FYI if you see Weezy F. Baby out in the streets please don’t run up on him trying to touch him because he might get angry and pop off on you.

This past weekend in New Orleans, rapper Lil Wayne participated in the Direct TV’s 7th Annual Celebrity flag football game where he got into an altercation.

Weezy was feeling some type of way and had a hissy fit after being pushed by one of the camera guys at the event… And from watching the video I think the camera guy was simply trying to do his job when he accidentally bumped into the rapper. He even apologized to Weezy but apparently his apology wasn’t good enough because you hear Wayne yelling on camera “Look at me motherf*cker. Look at me when you apologize!”

After the game Wayne was still caught up in his feelings about this camera guy and showed his ratchet side (yes men can be ratchet too) during his interview with E News….

“One of these camera dudes just pushed me just now. And I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me. So I’m a get out the building because if I touch somebody I’ll go to jail because they’re not the same color of me, they not the same color I am so you know how that go.”
“But to them, ‘F*ck You!”

If Lil Wayne don’t sit his azz down somewhere and relax, because he is NOT about that life…..I’m just saying I’m sure that camera guy didn’t push him on purpose not to mention he apologize… Lil Wayne need to gone somewhere with all that foolishness smh!!!!

Geez can’t we all just get alone?????

Watch the video below:

Props to Yazmar

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