Video: Nicki Minaj Says “Big Crazy Barb” Is A Superstar Who Might Be The Next American Idol


Although I missed American Idol last night I had to google one of Nicki’s favorite contestant “Big Crazy Barb” to see what all the hype was about…..

For the past couple weeks Nicki Minaj has been bragging about 19 year old Zoanette Johnson aka ‘Big Crazy Barb” who blew her away during her audition for American Idol in Oklahoma City.

Barb performed an over the top dramatic rendition of The National Anthem and at one point during her performance she forgot the lyrics and Mariah had to help her out…..

Her performance left Randy stunned, Mariah speechless and Keith falling out of his chair. However The head barbie in charge was so impressed with her barbie’s clone “Big Crazy Barb” that she put her through to the next round and sent her to hollywood.

“I love you. I am obsessed with you. Thank you for being a superstar.”

I will admit Big Crazy Barb” was very entertaining during her audition however I couldn’t focus on her singing ability because I was too distracted by the craziness she was giving during her performance.

Needless to say she made it through with a gold ticket to Hollywood….

If you missed it check out her performance below:

Props to Rap-Up

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