Frank Ocean Says R&B Singer Chris Brown “Put Them Paws” On Him


Yesterday Rihanna’s boy toy R&B singer Chris Brown got into a fight with singer/producer Frank Ocean in the parking lot of Westlake Recording studios in West Hollywood.

The altercation started when Breezy left the studio & headed to his car and realized Frank Ocean had him blocked in.

Via SR:

As Brown approached his car which was parked in Ocean’s parking spot — he saw that Ocean had blocked his car in with his own vehicle.

That’s when words were exchanged between Ocean and Brown’s camp. Brown stayed out of the loud chattering. Brown attempted to back out of the parking spot, but Ocean started running off at the mouth. “[Brown] was the peacemaker,” said the insider. “He didn’t want any trouble.”

The insider said Ocean approached Brown again and more words were exchanged between the two camps. Then a huge brawl broke out.

According to TMZ the police arrived on the scene and interviewed Frank Ocean however Chris Brown had already left by the time they arrived. Although no charges have been filed the police said they are continuing the investigation and would like to speak to Brown.

I’m not sure who won the fight but Frank Ocean went on twitter and said Breezy and his goons put them paws on him…


This isn’t the first time Breezy and Frank Ocean had words. A few months ago the two thugged it out on twitter after Chris complimented the singer/producer. I guess you can say they still feeling a certain kind of way about each other…..

Lawd have mercy can’t we all just get alone geez!!!!!

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