Kanye West Has Turned Kim Kardashian Into A New Woman

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

For those of you who thought Kim Kardshian had plans to pimp her unborn child and turn him or her into the next big reality star you may want to think again…

It looks like the thirsty for attention seeking reality star has turned over a new leaf thanks to her baby daddy/boo-thang Kanye West.

Word on the curb is Kimye are planning on following in the footsteps of my bff in my head Beyonce and Jay Z by releasing pictures of their child on their own terms via social media.

“Kim isn’t going to sell the pics. She’s not interested in doing that at all. Kris (Kim’s mother) is the one who wants to make money, but Kanye has changed Kim so much. she’s not interested in doing any of that.”

“Kim’s mom Kris Jenner is said to be totally against the idea of showing the pics to the world without some kind of deal from a mag; Kris is aware that Kim and Kanye could get up to $9 million if they were to go ahead with it, which means Jenner would get $900,000 of the deal as her manager she received 10% of what her daughter makes.”

At the end of the day mama Kris is all about the money. And I’m sure she’s gonna find some way to convince Kim & Kanye to come up off them baby pics….


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