Rapper Shawty Lo Arrested Inside A Studio In Atlanta, Georgia


It looks like rapper Shawty Lo aka Carlos Walker is having the worst week ever….

Yesterday the father of 11 children was arrested in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia for out-standing warrants related to NON-PAYMENT of child support.

Shawty has been on the blogs a lot lately after he announced his reality show “All My Baby Mama’s” was picked up by the Oxygen Network. Not too long after he made the announcement a petition made it’s way online protesting the show and the network decided to drop it.

The pint size rapper was taping a segment for CNN’s Showbiz tonight to discuss the controversy about his new show that featured his 11 kids and 10 baby mama’s when the Atlanta Police Department showed up to the studio to take him into custody.

Somebody snapped a photo of Shawty being led out in handcuffs and posted it online & of course it made it’s way to the blogs.


A few hours later Shawty Lo was released & quickly went on twitter to let his followers know he was a free man and “one monkey don’t stop no show.


At the end of the day it’s so many rachet reality shows on televison so why not give Shawty and 10 baby mama’s and their 11 kids a chance to shine?????

I’m just saying everybody else getting a reality show now a days so why single out and protest this show???? Clearly he needs the money to catch up on that child support, and to keep them 10 baby mama’s & 11 kids happy…

Give that man and his family a chance to have their ratchet moment on TV…..

Props to my homie Atlien for the scoop…

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