Did Rapper 50 Cent Force His Baby Mama To Quit “Starter Wives” Reality Show


Last year it was announced that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins landed herself a paid gig by joining the cast of a new reality show on TLC called “Starter Wives”. Lamar Odom’s baby mama Liza Morales is also rumored to be part of the cast. The show will focus on the lives of 6 women who dated, married or had children by famous men.

Well it looks like 50 has decided to end his baby mama reality show dreams because word on the curb is he just recently made her quit the show.

“Shaniqua Tompkins started out taping and was really a great on the show, but after she started 50 Cent got mad and made her stop. The G-Unit Rapper decided after filming began that he didn’t want her to reveal anything about his personal life or their child on the show, so he pulled the plug. Shaniqua had already filmed a lot for the show, but she didn’t want to fight with Curtis so she decided to bow out of the show before things got ugly.”

Shaniqua and 50 has had their fair share of public drama with everything from child support drama to 50 Cent evicting her from the mansion she lived in before it suspiciously burned to the ground.

I don’t understand why Shaniqua is backing down to 50 Cent. I’m just saying she fought him & took him to court to try and increase her chid support payments a few years ago. So why not fight him to try and stop him from taking money out her pocket????? I don’t get it and I damn sure wouldn’t allow him to stop my checks from coming in. That is unless he’s making up for it by putting more checks in her bank account….. Other than that me & 50 would be duking this battle out and I would be figuring out a way to stay on the show….


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