Vanessa Bryant Says She Don’t Need To Be In The Gym With Kobe Because She’s At Home Keeping Their House In Order


Vanessa Bryant, the wife of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant has finally responded to the famous line “You Wasn’t With Me Shooting In The Gym” in Drake’s hit single “Stay Scheming”

The basketball wife must have been feeling some type of way because she recently went on Instagram to put Drake and whoever else that has an issue with her in their place….

Although the song was made over a year ago Vanessa never really addressed the lyrics up until now.

She stated that she didn’t have to be in the gym with her NBA star hubby, because while he was working on his jump shots she was busy at home writing checks, taking care of the kids and keeping the house in order……


At the end of the day Vanessa has put in 10 years, 2 kids and had to put up with his cheating ways so you dayuuuum she desserves half if they were to ever separate…..

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