Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield Wants You To Know


Despite what you heard her dream home better known as “Chateau Sheree” is coming right alone….

This past weekend the former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield decided to give her twitter followers an update on the dream home that she has been building for quite some time now.


It would have been nice for Sheree to add a few pictures of “Chateau Sheree” so that we can see just how well it’s coming along….. I’m just saying!!!!!!!

Anyway speaking of Sheree, it looks like she had to learn the hard way about not paying her legal bills….


The law firm Weinstock & Scavo sued Sheree back in 2010 … claiming the “Real Housewife” racked up $165k in legal bills while they repped her in her divorce from former NFL star Bob Whitfield.

According to docs, Sheree coughed up about $69k to W&S for services rendered, but never paid the remaining $96k because she claimed the firm was overcharging her.

But a judge recently sided with W & S … ordering the reality star to pay the outstanding balance, plus interest … for a total of $119, 674.

It looks like that extra 75k she recently won from her ex husband Bob Whitfield in their child support case will come in handy.

Hopefully she didn’t blow it all on Berkin bags trying stunt and keep up with the Joneses

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