Ask Mo: Monica Answer Questions From Fans About Keyshia Cole, Her Hubby Shannon Brown, Rocko & More


Last night on twitter R&B singer Monica gave her fans the opportunity to ask her a few questions. Monica was chilling at home with her hubby and tweeted: “While Baby watches film lets have an #AskMo Session… U ask I answer. People think they know but have no idea. Get it from my mouth LOL?”.

Her fans asked her everything from her past relationship with her baby daddy Rocko to her marriage to NBA baller Shannon Brown. They also asked her about her friendship with Keyshia Cole & of course Monica took the high road saying everything was good in the hood.

Fan: what happen between you and keyshia cole?
Mo: Not at thing… we never had an argument.. Love her always

It’s obvious that the two ladies aren’t as close as they use to be maybe they’re just focusing on their families instead of the friendship….

Check out a few more questions from “Ask Mo” below:

Fan: do u think all men cheat? Like a lot of women say
Mo: Hell No do all women? thats a cop out #FindTheRight1

Fan: if one of your boys asked you to give up fame would you?
Mo: In a heartbeat.. their happiness is 1st

Fan: who is your favorite rapper?
Mo: Jay z

Fan: what r the BEST 3 things that have happened in life
Mo: Meeting my soulmate, having kids & the gift to sing/career

Fan: What do you love the most about @ShannonBrown ???
Mo: His humility & dedication to me & the kids ?

Fan: what ever happened to those kids u use to take care of from the boyfriend that committed suicide
Mo: Theyre adults?

Fan: did you know Aaliyah?
Mo: Very well, i loved baby girl. real, sweet, quiet but again real !!!

Fan: What’s your secret wish??
Mo: It came true recently S/O to my hubby

Fan: do u have any regrets with ur life? U r an inspiration n a
Mo: I dont!! the valleys make u appreciate the peaks

Fan: if you had any mutant power what would it be & y?
Mo: Wish i could zap a person & they no longer lie

Fan: I miss the show you had on BET .. why wasn’t there another season ?
Mo: I decided not to do it being a newlywed

Fan: what u think about Tiny’s show tiny tonight?
Mo: Im so proud of her, love that shes ALWAYS herself

Fan: can u and @kmichelle do a song together for y’all new albums!
Mo: Absolutely

Fan: was @shannonbrown single when you started dating him?
Mo: TOTALLY!! after all i experienced i would NEVER..

Fan: Did you marry Rocko?
Mo: We never legally.. 10 yrs same home common law i assume that was!!

Fan: it true what ther sayin bout ashanti n nelly
Mo: I have no clue, im really big on minding my businesses

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