Comedian Katt Williams Speaks Out Regarding Slapping Target Employee


A few weeks ago I told you about Katt Williams walking into a Target store and “slapping an employee by the name of Forrest Liebenberg in the face!

During his performance last night at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, the comedian spoke out regarding the altercation claiming he slapped the guy for calling him the “N” word.

“This is what the dude at Target said … ‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er.” The jab is a reference to this lawsuit — in which Katt’s former assistant is suing him for $5 million, claiming the comic punched her.

Katt said he flipped when he heard the slur and asked the employee, “Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?” To which the employee answered, “You say it all the time.” Katt says he shot back, “Say it again and see what happens” — and that’s when he knocked the guy upside the head. Katt then compared his racism plight to that of Dave Chappelle, explaining, “That’s the same sh*t that drove [Chappelle] out of the f***ing business.” Katt seems to be alluding to Chappelle’s claim that he quit his Comedy Central show and went into seclusion over an argument with producers about a sketch that he believed was racist”.

Lawd have mercy with everything this man has done within the last couple months & wanna try & play the race card? SMH!!!!

Lets all continue to keep Katt Williams in our prayers because lord knows he needs all the prayers he can get…


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