Tameka “Tiny” Harris Talks Career, Family & Treating Her Man Like A King


Earlier this week Tameka “Tiny” Harris, debuted her new talk show “Tiny Tonight” on VH1.

The Kaaaang of the south’s first lady, had socialite Claudia Jordan, rapper Trina, as well as her two bff’s reality star/singer Tamar Braxton and her hairstylist Shekinah by her side while discussing some of the biggest moments in 2012 such as politics, entertainment, fashion, & more.

Tiny recently sat down with Ebony Magazine to talk about her new talk show venture, as well as being able to juggle a career and being a mother/wife at the same time. She also shared a few tips on how women should cater to their men.

check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On why she decided to start her new talk show “Tiny Tonight”:

It was just an idea that I’ve been talking about doing for a long, long time with my good friend, Tamar Braxton. We wanted to do a talk show and make it young and youthful. I’m just so happy that VH1 was open to the process.

On how she prepared for her new role as talk show host:

I studied. They would send me notes on what’s going on, and we would pitch in and talk about what we wanted to talk about on the show. I just really did my homework. It was more like a real job for me. Doing this talk show was like, “Wow, this is what they do?!” I can’t even imagine doing it every day. There’s a lot of work that goes into it.

On how she prioritize being a mother, manager, wife, reality star & now talk show host:

Tiny: Family’s always first. God and family, and I go from there. A lot of my work is done around my kids, with my kids, so that’s a big help. And when it’s not, I have help—like my sister-in-law, my brother and my sister. It’s family. I keep family close.

On the advise she gives her daughter Zonnique (part of the OMG GIrls) about the industry:

Tiny: Just [to] never lose who she is. Stay the person that she is and never lose sight of that, for one. And to learn the business as she goes. Don’t just be in the business and have fun ’cause you’re a kid. You’ve gotta learn; this is your livelihood. I just want her to be the best she can be in everything she does. I try to motivate her in giving her the confidence and the things she needs to help her along her way.

On the advise she gives her girlfriends on how to keep a man:

When you get a man, you have to nurture him. Treat him like a king. If you put that little work in in the beginning, it pays off.

On if she will ever record a solo album:

Some days I’ll be like, “You know what? Why don’t I go to my daughter’s studio and make a song?!” And then I don’t! I don’t know if I would have all the time it takes to put into a song.

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