NBA Baller J.R. Smith Gives His Girlfriend K Michelle The Boot

K Michelle-JR-Smith

It looks like K Michelle’s love affair & dreams of becoming a Basketball Wife with her baller-boo lover has come to an end.

New York Knicks baller J.R. Smith & the love of K Michelle’s life recently went on twitter and confirmed that him & reality star/singer K Michelle are not in a relationship.

“Thats not my girl! im SINGLE! I don’t care how u spell it! #NOWifey here. Some of y’all want ya cake an eat it too! Lol I just want the #Cake. Trix are for kids! If you ain’t like what I got to say then don’t deal me cards! #justsayin.. Sorry I ain’t like most! When I’m with someone I’m with someone! When I’m not I’m not! You don’t have to like it! #ITSME

And of course K Michelle had something to say as well:

“Damn can’t I kiss a sexy man In the club without y’all marrying me off??? I’m just young and getting it! He dumps me every two weeks, damn I thought I at least had a couple days left! Guess he didn’t wanna buy me no Christmas Gift???????????? Maybe he’ll take me back in JAN.”

She also stated:

“We all get mad but it’s how u react to it. If u are mad at me a phone call or text will do. Don’t show out. I don’t respect that.”

Just last week these two was spotted “making love in the club” and didn’t seem to care who was watching. Not to mention K Michelle went the radio to confess her love for the NBA baller….


I guess time will tell if this relationship is completely over. If there is a chance for reconciliation they both need to keep their relationship off of SOCIAL MEDIA……

But on another note is it me or did J.R Smith come off rude as phuck???? A simple “I’m single” would have been enough, all that other talk was unnecessary. I know K Michelle is known for being a little coo coo crazy but how about letting her down gently. I’m just saying why be so harsh geez?????

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