Trey Songz Accuser Claims He Blacked Her Eye With A Wad Of Cash


R&B singer Tremaine Neverson aka Trey Songz was recently arrested for making it rain with a stack of dollar bills on a fan inside a club.

Back in September, The R&B heartthrob was spotted at Perfections strip club in Queens, New York watching the ladies twerk a lil something when he allegedly made it rain threw a wad of cash at 36-year-old Donna McIntosh-Inoe who was at the club with her husband attending Trey’s Chapter V album release party.


Donna’s husband, stated that he paid $700 to sit in the VIP section next to Trey, and when his wife tried to snap a photo of (Trey watching the strippers twerk a lil something) the singer all hell broke loose.

According to Donna the strippers who was in the VIP section twerking al lil something was also taking pictures so she didn’t think it was a big deal to pull out her camera phone. She stated that Trey wasn’t happy when he saw her taking pictures and that is when he “allegedly” threw a knotted up wad of cash that hit her in her face and blackened her eye. After the club she went to the police station near her home to file a police report.

“He chucked a wad of cash at me. A wad of cash. I didn’t even know I had a bruise on my face until after I left the club. I had to walk around a whole week with a black eye.”

“Everyone else was taking a picture,” she said. “The difference for me and the other girls is that they were naked and I had clothes on. He tried to delete the picture, but he didn’t know how to use my phone,” she said. McIntosh-Inoe said she couldn’t bring herself to pick up the discarded greenbacks. It was insulting that he just threw something. He was verbally disrespectful as well. He embarrassed me in front of everyone in the club.”

Donna currently has an order of protection out against Trey and both parties are due back in court sometime in February.

My first question is why in the world is her husband paying $700 for his wife to sit next to Trey Songz?????? (blankstare) I’m just saying who does that pays $700 dollars for his girl to sit in VIP and get her panties wet over another man?????

Not only that what did your husband do when Trey allegedly threw “wad of cash” in her face?????? What real man lets another man & I don’t care if he is a celebrity disrespect his wife in front of his face like that????

Something about this story isn’t adding up I need to see some footage because something in the milk ain’t right if you ask me…


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