Kris Kardashian-Jenner & Her Husband Bruce Wants You To Know


They are not filing for divorce nor are they breaking up simply because “ain’t nobody got time for dat” lol….

“The reality couple put on a CLINIC in over-the-top public flirtation at an L.A. Christmas tree lot yesterday.”

“The rumors of an impending divorce have been swirling for weeks … with reports that the leaders of the Kardashian squad are “faking” their relationship for the cameras.”

“But sources close to the couple stated that the breakup talk is “total BS” … and Kris and Bruce are still legitimately in love with each other.”

“As far as the eye-rolling PDA at the Xmas tree lot … we’re told that’s just who they are”

Kris took Bruce balls away from him a long time ago. So I’m not surprised that he allows her to treat him the way that she does & continues to stay married to her…..(Twana Shrug) Just saying!!!!!!

Click here if you care to watch the video……

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